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  • 環日センター主催 サマースクールを臨海実験施設他で開催しました。(7月1日~8日)

環日本海域環境研究センター サマースクールプログラム(2019)
Environmental Research Summer School 2019, Noto Peninsula, Japan
Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology, Kanazawa University


Outline of summer school schedule

Day 1 (1st July) :Introduction for the summer school

In Noto
Day 2 (2nd July): Marine research activity 1: Physical and chemical oceanography
Day 3 (3rd July): Marine research activity 2: Marine biology
Day 4 (4th July) (AM): Sustainable development/social science activity: Introduction to the Meister program, (PM): Atmospheric research lecture
Day 5 (5th July): Vegetation survey activity

In Kanazawa
Day 6 (6th July): Japanese culture experience at Kenroku-en
Day 7 (7th July): (AM) Inland water environment lecture, (PM): Radioactivity research lecture
Day 8 (8th July): Student presentation, Closing ceremony


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