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Department of Inter-Institutional Collaboration

Department of Inter-Institutional Collaboration

Position Name Specialities Contact E-mail  
Professor Shinji TSUKAWAKI Sedimentary Geology, Marine Geology, Regional Geology +81-76-264-5814 shinji[at sign]
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Geochronology +81-76-264-6529 hasebe[at sign]
Associate Professor TANG Ning
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Environmental chemistry +81-76-234-4455/4942 n_tang[at sign]

Visiting Researcher

Yuji ARAKI Plant Ecology, Environmental Management Environmental management in the cool temperate zone arable land ecosystem of the Sea of Japan side of the Tohoku region
Hanko DOMITSU Micropalaeontology Palaeoenvironmental studies of the Sea of Japan and its environs
Katsufumi KANAOKA Comparative Financial System Theory Possibility of a currency community formation in the Asia region
Hiroyuki MOTOMURA Ichthyology Taxonomic Studies of fish in the coastal area of the Sea of Japan
Hideo OYAGI Hydrology Hydrological study in the major rivers and alluvial fans of the Hokuriku area
Hirokazu OZAWA Micropalaeontology, Taxonomy Elucidation of biodiversity of marine micro-creatures and its history of the Sea of Japan and the surrounding area
Seishi IKEDA The honorific language life of Japanese and Korean citizens Focus on the honorific language of both Japan and Korea and explore appropriate expression for collaborative works
Makoto KIMURA experimental psychology and clinical psychology Barrier-free survey on public facilities and cultural assets, and its introduction to education