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  • A research team of Dr. Atsushi Matsuki at Division of Atmospheric Environmental Studies published a paper in Aerosol Science and Technology.

【Establishing super-sensitive spectroscopic method for single nanoparticle analysis】

The team of atmospheric scientists including Dr. Atsushi Matsuki (Division of Atmospheric Environmental Studies), Mr. Ryota Kunihisa (Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology), Dr. Masao Gen (Institute of Science and Engineering), Dr. Ayumi Iwata (Keio University) and Dr. Chak K. Chan (City University of Hong Kong), established a novel approach that can sensitively detect chemical species contained in a single nanoparticle as small as 20 nm in diameter. This is a solid step forward in the spectroscopy-based work within the aerosol community. It is expected to further help solving the atmospheric nucleation processes, as well as associated health and climate impacts.

Journal: Aerosol Science & Technology
Title: Application of SERS on the chemical speciation of individual Aitken mode particles after condensational growth.
Authors: Kunihisa, R., Iwata, A., Gen, M., Chan, C. K., Matsuki, A.